Brave emu scares away thief by pecking him!

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Forget having a guard dog - for one farmer, it was his emu that scared away a burglar!

Alf the emu managed to frighten the intruder away by pecking at him until he ran away.


© Getty Images / Ken Gillespie

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Ray Reid, 71, heard screams on his farm in Marlborough, Wiltshire, and ran out to see the unwanted visitor fleeing from the plucky bird.

The fearless feathery hero hasn't always used his nibbling habit for good though, as he used to live on a children's farm but had to leave when he used to try to bite the kids.

Thankfully, Alf's pesky pecking habit finally came in handy!

Farmer Ray was quoted in the Sunday Mirror talking about how he'll treat his pet, saying: "I plan to reward him with a bowl of seedless grapes."

He certainly deserves that after his brave behaviour!

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