Woman loses a whopping 20 stone after doctors warn she could die!

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One woman has lost an astonishing 20 stone after doctors warned her she could die from a heart attack if she didn't slim down.

At 27, Brianan McEnteggart weighed a whopping 32st 11lb and was told by medical professionals that she had just 18 months to live.

And her weight wasn't just leaving the office administrator unhealthy, it was also humiliating her too after she cracked the base of her parents' bath as she stepped in to take a shower.

Brianan McEnteggart before her weight loss

© Slimming World

Brianan before her weight loss

Brianan McEnteggart after the weight loss

© National News

Brianan with her old trousers after weight loss

She explained: "I didn't want to come out and tell my parents I'd broken the bath, I wanted that bath to swallow me up. Both of these things were wake-up calls and I really had to do something."

Determined to make a change, the lass from Dundalk, Ireland, decided to join Slimming World. Fast-forward four years and she's swapped her size 34 dress for a svelte 14!

Brianan ditched her crisps and takeaway feasts for the likes of fresh stir-frys and healthy salads. And while she used to struggle to walk 500m, she now strolls three miles a day.

Yesterday, the 31-year-old was crowned Slimming World's Woman of the Year after she reached her target weight of 12st 6lbs.

Speaking about her slimming success, she said: "When I look at old photos of myself I can see that I was a very unhappy girl. I feel like I've got a second chance at life and I'm looking forward to everything the future holds."

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