Lost and found! Man is reunited with wallet 18 years after he lost it!

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We all misplace things from time to time and for most of us, the chances of finding our lost belongings are pretty slim.

However, a British man got a very pleasant surprise when a wallet he lost when travelling in Switzerland nearly two decades ago was finally retuned to him.

Anonymous man is reunited with wallet he lost 18 years ago

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The unnamed tourist lost his leather wallet – containing his passport, credit cards and receipts - way back in 1996 when travelling by train from Zurich to Geneva and hadn't seen it since.

However, just last month the wallet was found on the floor of a shopping centre in the quaint town of Chur and handed into local police officers.

They tracked the man down via the internet and returned the wallet to it's rightful, and probably super-happy, owner.

The police officers were quoted in the Daily Star saying: "We have no idea how it found its way from the train to a shopping centre, but the man was surprised and delighted to have it back."

We would be too!

So the next time we lose our purses, we shouldn't panic. You never know when things might turn up!

By Elenaor Stennett

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