Star Wars obsessed family running out of space to store merchandise

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One family is so obsessed with Star Wars that they own over 20,000 pieces of memorabilia – and they're running out of places to store it!

The Buxtons cram in items all over their four-bed house – including the loft and shed – but it's now getting so packed that dad Jason has resorted to stashing pieces at his parents' and pal's homes.

The 44-year-old is such a fanatic that he drives a van with Luke Skywalker painted on the side. And he even purchased a white Ford Kia car as he thought it resembled a Star Wars stormtropper.

Darth Vader


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Not stopping there, the whole family feast on their meals on Star Wars plates and snooze under Star Wars duvets.

Jason and wife Maria, 36, who have two sons, Lucas, 11, and Ajay, 13, even base their holidays around events dedicated to the film. While Lucas was named after the Star Wars director, George Lucas.

Super fan Jason was quoted in the Daily Star discussing their passion: "We are completely Star Wars nuts. Not a day goes by when we don't watch a Star Wars movie clip."

He added: "Our family dog is called Chewy after the Chewbacca character and we dress up for events once or twice a week."

The Suffolk-based family own a whole host of costumes including Ewok outfits for the two boys and even a full-size Darth Vader ensemble!

The obsession first kicked off 30 years ago, when Jason purchased an Ewok from a car boot sale. And now his hobby has expanded to the whole Buxton clan.

Maria explained: "When he invited me back to his house for the first time I couldn't believe my eyes. Jason's enthusiasm is so infectious that I got hooked too."

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