Blackpool introduces new rock flavours including curry and pizza!

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A trip to the seaside would be just plain wrong without an obligatory a stick of rock. But how would you feel about nibbling on a curry flavoured one?

It may sound a bit wacky but that's exactly what the makers in Blackpool have done.

Sticks of rock

© Getty Images / John Shepherd

Just like Willy Wonka's roast beef bubblegum in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, the manufacturers have developed a medley of unusual flavours after seeing sales soar.

The new pizza and cheesecake flavours allow you to indulge without all the calories.

And the traditional seaside treat is also available in fish and chips and even hot chilli, for the truly brave.

To satisfy those with a sweet tooth, there's peanut butter and cookie dough.

Elliot Jones, director at Stanton and Novelty Confectioners, was quoted in the Daily Mail discussing the new products: 'There has been a substantial shift and we're now in a different ball park. The kids love it, because the dafter the better, but you see adults pick it up to take home as a traditional gift that is a bit different."

We're not convinced by curry flavoured sweets but we'd give the peanut butter one a good go!

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