Poor ewe! Nilo the donkey gets stuck in manhole for three hours!

Published Wednesday, Nov 5 2014, 17:00 GMT  |  By  |  Add comment
This cheeky donkey's attempt to escape from his home was foiled when he got stuck down a manhole!

Nilo trotted away from his petting zoo in Switzerland and things were going smoothly, until he fell down the hole in the Prattein town.

Donkey stuck in manhole

© PA Images

When it proved too tight to wriggle out of, Nilo spent three hours trapped in the hole until a passer-by spotted him. Firefighters were then called to the scene to free the poor donkey.

The 13-year-old cutie escaped a few flesh wounds and is now recovering back at the zoo.

We just hope he's not feeling like too much of an "ass" after his failed attempt to flee!

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