Factory staff win millions on lottery - but vow to continue working!

Published Wednesday, Nov 5 2014, 18:00 GMT  |  By  |  1 comment
One lucky group of colleagues have won the lottery, but rather than quitting their jobs, they're staying on because of a staff shortage!

The factory workers couldn't believe their luck when they won a whopping £2.9 million between them.

But despite their life-changing win, the dedicated men have vowed to continue working for the John Hargreaves Paper Mills company in Greater Manchester.

Lottery tickets

© David Freund

Syndicate organiser Gary Smith, 53, was quoted in the Daily Mirror explaining: "We didn't want to just take time off or walk away because of our win."

Other members of the winning workers include brothers Andrew and Peter Howard, Phillip Mellon and David King.

They've been playing the lottery for ten long years but have never won more than £100 between them.

It looks like even with their millions, these lot won't be changing – what nice chaps!

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1 comment