New service arranges first dates - but it'll cost you!

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Blokes, would you know how to impress on a first date? Well, not to worry if you're unsure, help is at hand - but only if you have a lot of spare cash!

New luxury date planners The One Romance offer their services to create tailor-made dates that they reckon will get you the girl of your dreams.

But to get there, you'll need a lot of dosh to splash. Prices start at a whopping £150 for a picnic in the park - and they go up to an eye-watering £20,000!

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They can arrange everything from booking tables in super-posh restaurants to hiring £4,000 flash mobs!

And bizarrely, the company offer to "stalk" the woman on the internet to figure out her likes and dislikes.

Co-founder Tiffany Wright was quoted in The Sunday Mirror explaining: "It sounds bad but it's the best way for us to know the person we are trying to please."

She also added: "I was dismayed at men's ability to get romance so wrong. I once saw a man attempting a romantic gesture give his wife a lawnmower for their first wedding anniversary. It was painful."

The company doesn't offer a money-back guarantee but does claim a 100 per cent success rate.

Piers Holdsworth, 34, has already tried out the idea with long-term friends Bella Hurt. The 30-year-old Take That fan was picked up in a Bentley and driven to a private fishing boat that took the pair to Spitbank Fort in the Channel.

On the boat, they enjoyed an evening of fancy food and champers, while a Gary Barlow tribute act performed. It set Piers back a whopping £20,000!

They're now together - but Bella admitted: "It was amazing. But I'd have been happy with a pint in the pub."

We think we'd be more impressed if the chap did the hard work himself!

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