Couple married for 40 years say it's all down to bunk beds!

Published Monday, Nov 3 2014, 20:00 GMT  |  By  |  1 comment
Everyone knows how annoying it is when your spouse steals the covers. So one couple decided to ditch their double bed for bunk ones!

Jan and Tom Owen have recently celebrated their 40th wedding anniversary and claim that sleeping separately is the secret to their success!

Bunk beds

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The love birds from Woodbridge, Suffolk, gave up their double bed 12 years ago to put a stop to the constant bickering over duvet-hogging.

Instead, the pair invested in the two-tiered sleeping system usually reserved for children and now Tom, 70, climbs up to the top bunk to drift off, while Jan snuggles up to snooze beneath him!

Tom was quoted in The Sunday Mirror explaining: "We remain close but not too close."

We guess it's one way of ensuring a peaceful night's sleep!

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1 comment