Burglar busted - after leaving behind his mum's address at crime scene!

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A bungling burglar has been jailed for almost six years after he left behind documents containing his mother's address at the crime scene.

Thief Stephen Clarke broke into a war veteran's home in Southsea, Hampshire, believing it was empty with the intention to steel his possessions.

Burglar prying open a door in broad daylight

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But the unnamed 88-year-old was actually home and, with his fighting spirit clearly still alive and kicking, confronted the 43-year-old crook.

Clarke pushed down the pensioner and ran off with £280 in stirling and an additional €100 his victim had been saving up towards a trip to Spain to see his family.

However, justice was done after it was discovered the clumsy criminal had dropped a bag containing personal items - including a document that stated his mother's address.

Clarke admitted burglary at Portsmouth Crown Court. Speaking after the case, PC Andy Sims said: "Although we would advise people not to tackle burglars, I think the victim was brave and courageous to try and stop this person and recover his property.

"Burglary is a despicable act, but to then prey on the vulnerable in a multi-occupancy address, which they deem to be their place of safety, not only affects the victim but the other residents of the block."

By Anna Ramsey

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