Kind builder does £6k job for terminally ill girl - and doesn't charge!

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We love an uplifting tale in the Reveal office and this one is exceptionally lovely - a very kind builder has installed a wet room for a terminally ill girl and hasn't charge her a penny!.

Vince Knight, 46, was called round to quote the cost of the job but, when he discovered it was for poorly 12-year-old Katie Anderson, he did the whole thing for free.


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Katie was born with neurofibromatosis, a genetic condition that causes tumours to grow along the body's nerves. Sadly, Katie is now suffering from brain cancer, which means she is unable to get upstairs on her own.

As a result, the generous chap from Grays, Essex, installed the £6,000 downstairs bathroom to make life easier for her and, after the job was done, he refused to take any cash.

Katie was quoted in the Daily Mail discussing the difference Vince's work has made, saying: "I was in the shower for about an hour the first time I used it. I haven't seen myself since March as the mirrors weren't low enough."

Made-up mum Dee, 45, described the act as "overwhelming".

What a kind man!

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