Would you lie to impress a date? Apparently most men do!

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Naturally we all want to impress on a first date, but we were shocked to hear that nearly three quarters of men tell a fib to look more attractive!

More than seven out of 10 blokes recently polled admitted to dropping in a white lie to try to impress their date.

And the biggest thing they lied about? Money! Almost two thirds revealed they have exaggerated their salary to a woman they're chatting up. We're not that shallow, are we?!

Couple on first date

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They also like to big up their success, with 54 per cent confessing they'd slightly over-played their career prospects.

And when it comes to hobbies and interests, many of the males quizzed said they would tell women what they think they want them to hear. So unsurprisingly, they downplayed their love of footie and even declared to like animals and art to appear "sensitive and caring".

Funnily enough, nearly a fifth also told a porky about the last time they did any physical exercise too.

But we were pretty stunned to hear that a worryingly 34 per cent of the men admitted to lying about having a girlfriend when they were in a relationship.

The blokes, aged between 18-35, also kept other important personal things a secret. One in 50 didn't reveal their divorce and two per cent even lied about not having kids.

And they also suspected that women would do the same thing, with nearly two thirds think their date would bend the truth too.

A spokesperson for MobileSlots.com, who carried out the survey, said: "Interestingly, men also expected their date to be hiding the truth on a few subjects – so ultimately it was unlikely that anybody would have a totally honest full date – which may be understandable at such an early stage of a prospective relationship."

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