Reported "gas leak" on street turns out to be cooked hot chilli oil!

Published Monday, Oct 27 2014, 18:20 GMT  |  By  |  Add comment
Over a dozen firefighters, two ambulances and a hazardous response team arrived at a street to deal with a reported gas leak, only for it to emerge as someone cooking with chilli oil!

Families in Leatherhead, Surrey, had called emergency services to tell them they were having difficulty breathing - and they understandably took their worries extremely seriously.

Bowl of chillies

© Getty Images / Adam Gault

However, when they investigated the smell, they discovered it was coming from a neighbour who was experimenting with one seriously hot chilli sauce.

One resident was quoted in the Daily Star explaining: "The firemen found it comical when they discovered the cause of the fumes.

"They came out of the flat coughing, with tears running down their cheeks because of the smell."

Whoever was planning to tuck into that dish must have been pretty brave!

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