Ornament used as goalpost valued at £10k - but sells for £668,000!

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An ornament that was used as a kids' goalpost has been sold for a whopping £668,000 - after being valued at £10,000!

Terry Nurrish inherited the precious piece of metal from his parents, who'd picked it up at a house clearance sale in 1946. They'd paid just £100 for a stash of antiques that had included the pot.

However, the family were completely unaware that the antique was actually a French 'Japonisme' enamel and bronze ornament, which was created in 1874 by the famous silverware manufacturers, Christofle.

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For years, it sat in the retired farmer's dining room at his Grimsby home. And standing 5ft tall, it made for the perfect goalpost - meaning Terry's kids often kicked footballs at it!

Eventually, the 68-year-old took it to BBC's Antique's Road show in 1991, where it was estimated to be worth £10,000.

But rather than selling it, Terry held on to the ornament for more than 20 years before eventually selling it at a Christie's auction in London - for £668,000!

He explained: "I realised I couldn't leave it to one person so decided to sell it and share the proceeds. The auctioneer started the budding at £100,000 and I just thought 'blimey'."

Terry added: "It kept going and I was getting redder and redder in the face. It was incredible."

Generous Terry has dished out the dosh to family, as well as paying for holidays and treating himself to a BMW.

Expert Eric Knowles, who originally valued the antique, insists that he didn't undervalue its worth: "Back then there was not the same demand…it's a market that has sprung out of nowhere," he explained.

Either way, we bet Terry is relieved it wasn't damaged in a footie game all those years ago!

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