"Can you stop the rain?" Weird and wonderful hotel requests

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"Can you stop the wind from blowing, it's spoiling my holiday?" and "Do you offer a tucking-in service?" are just some of the weird and wonderful requests one hotel chain has received from guests this year.

Travelodge has revealed the most bizarre demands that have been made throughout 2014 and we couldn't help chuckling over some of these rather strange asks!

Person checking in to hotel

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Food seemed to be a popular topic that hotel guests wanted to know more about. One person questioned whether the chips contained potato, as they were watching their carbs, while another asked how many beans are served in a hotel breakfast - how specific!

Someone even asked if they could store their lobster in the hotel's freezer. Fancy!

Meanwhile, other questions seemed a little bit daft too - maybe the visitors were sleepy?

Requests included "Can you give me instructions how to use the taps in your bathroom?" and "What time does the 24 hour reception close?". Oh dear.

Business customers have also had a few peculiar wishes, with one chap asking the hotel team if he could practice his board presentation to them – in Mandarin.

One poor PA even had to ask the Luton branch if their boss could be dropped off by helicopter in the car park. That's certainly one way of making an entrance!

And finally, there were some downright strange inquiries, ranging from, "Can you tell me how many stars are in the sky tonight?" to, "Can you stop the rain as its stopped me from falling asleep?".

Speaking about the requests, Shakila Ahmed, from Travelodge, said: "Our annual bizzare requests audit of 513 hotels reveals over 200,000 unusual requests by our business and leisure customers.

"Our teams always try their best to accommodate customer requests, but there are just some that we can't help with, such as changing the weather or counting the stars in the sky."

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