Piers Morgan and One Direction make British people cringe!

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To outsiders, British people might seem very patriotic - drinking tea, holding onto the pound and talking about the weather.

But a survey carried out by internet search engine Ask Jeeves has shown that there are many parts of British culture its natives aren't proud of!

One Direction on tour in Milan - 29 June 2014.

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Unsurprisingly, top of the list is witnessing fellow Brits abroad - especially when they're drunk and sunburnt.

But that is only the first thing on the list - reality TV shows, litter and MPs also wind residents up.

Unsurprisingly, loutish football supporters appear on the list, but so do the England team themselves.

And A-list celebrities didn't escape it either - boyband One Direction, journalist Piers Morgan, loud-mouth chef Gordon Ramsay and, the man we all love to hate - Simon Cowell - were all ranked too.

Who would have known there were so many things that could make us cringe?!

However, a spokesman for Ask Jeeves said: "Britain has a lot to be proud of and much of that is recognised by others all over the world."

The top 20 things that make Brits cringe:

1. Fellow Brits on holiday
2. Reality TV shows
3. Litter
4. MPs
5. D-list celebrities
6. Football supporters
7. High prices
8. England football team
9. Obesity
10. Graffiti
11. Bankers
12. One Direction
13. The class system
14. Simon Cowell
15. Piers Morgan
16. Warm beer
17. Gordon Ramsey
18. Public transport
19. Xenophobia
20. TV soaps

By Alice Hughes

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