The key behind a successful marriage? It's all about communicating!

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What do you think is the secret behind a lasting marriage? Well, it turns out that good old-fashioned talking is the key to wedded bliss.

A new survey spoke to 2,000 men and women who have been hitched for at least ten years, and communicating came out as the most important aspect to making it work.

Happy elderly couple

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Unsurprisingly, compromising was second on the list – make sure you remind him of that one when he wants to watch yet another game of footie!

Other nuggets of advice that earned high spots included working at the marriage and not giving up too easily. Committed couples also recommended not going to bed on an argument, no matter how much they've annoyed you.

Despite sex often being cited as an important part of a relationship, it actually only came 18th out of the 20 ways to maintain marriage.

Whereas patience, listening to your other half and being honest all emerged as important factors to a good partnership.

Law firm Slater and Gordon commissioned the study and Sarah Thompson, from the company, was quoted in the Daily Express discussing the findings, saying: "What's clear from my meetings with clients is that marriage is hard work."

She added: "When I speak to them about the reasons their relationship has ended, it's often for the same reasons – problems communicating and not being able to compromise."

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