What does your favourite pizza topping reveal about you?

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Do you love a mighty meat feast or prefer a veggie delight when it comes to pizza? And what does your choice of topping say about you?

Well, apparently a lot more than you'd think!

What does your favourite pizza topping say about you?

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A recent study has revealed that your favourite pizza topping might be an edible insight into your personality.

Dr. Alan Hirsch, a smell and taste expert, joined forces with Pizza Express to find out exactly what pizza flavours mean about a person.

The report looked at eight different doughy delights and 500 British adults took part in a range of psychiatric and personality tests to glean some answers.

The findings suggest that if you're a fan of the vegetarian then you're flirtatious and charming, but can sometimes be a bit gullible. And if you enjoy a hot pepperoni, then you're more likely to be an extrovert who is easily bored - and you're also more likely to have a romantic spark with a veggie!

Joey Essex speaks about 'Educating Joey Essex - Space Cadet' on This Morning (28 August).


Joey Essex likes a meaty pizza!

Meat lovers, like former TOWIE star Joey Essex, are loyal and supportive, while individuals who go for a chicken topping are driven and assertive. And it's been heard that X Factor'sDermot O'Leary often opts for a goats' cheese topping, so he is probably laid-back and sensitive.

Former Countdown star Carol Vorderman enjoys a seafood pizza, which suggests that she is critical and intelligent. After seeing how fast she can divide and multiply, we'd have to say this is spookily accurate!

Dr Hirsch says: "You can tell a lot about someone by what they like on their pizza, which is useful when you're on a date. Look at what they order to find out if they really are your perfect match or not."

So next time you're meeting someone for the first time, why not suggest a pizza place?

That way you can find out if you really want a slice, or if you'd be best off chucking him - and his toppings - in the bin!

By Elle Reeves

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