Region matters when it comes to what you call your loved one

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What do you call your boyfriend? Babe? Darling?

Well, it turns out, it probably depends on where you're from.

What do you call your other half?

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What do you call your other half?

According to a survey of 3,500 adults, carried out by, regions really matter when it comes to romantic nicknames.

The most popular name overall in the UK for our fave person is "darling", as it is used by just under a third of the population.

But it is more likely to be used in loved-up London, whereas up north, you're more likely to to name them "love".

"Ducky" is most popular across the Midlands, while "sweetheart" is used most in the east of England.

And Mancunians don't mess around - they greet their other halves with "sexy".'s resident relationship expert, Kate Taylor, comments: "Pet names play an important role at every stage of relationships. Before a couple get together, they often use fun, flirty nicknames for each other to move ahead to a more personal level of interaction."

By Elle Reeves

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