Jeremy Kyle-style paternity kits available to buy for a fiver

Published Friday, Oct 10 2014, 17:40 BST  |  By  |  Add comment
Forget appearing on The Jeremy Kyle Show. Those wondering "Who's the daddy?" can now use a paternity test in the comfort of their own home - and for less than a fiver.

Home Bargains is selling the testing kits at just £4.99 a pop, and each pack contains six swabs for samples from the mum, dad and child.

Jeremy Kyle

© Rex Features / ITV

But although it will cost you less than a fiver to get a kit, you'll have to fork out an extra £99 to send away the samples and receive a DNA report, which arrives within days.

Many have criticised that the results could lead to family breakdowns, but makers AlphaBiolabs have had their say.

A spokesperson was quoted in The Daily Star, saying: "The people who use these kits have an issue that they want resolved. (It) rids any doubts and brings family cohesion."

Well, it certainly saves people airing their dirty laundry on national television...

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