Would you pay £1,100 for a Glam Burger?

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Normally grabbing a burger is a cheap option - but not if you go for the Glam Burger, which costs a hefty £1,100!

Unsurprisingly, with a price tag like that, it is officially the world's most expensive burger.

"Glam Burger" at Honky Tonk

© Rex Features / Tim Stewart News

Chris Large, head chef at Honky Tonk restaurant in swanky Chelsea, created the blinged up burger using exclusive ingredients from around the world.

And that is exactly why this meat treat is so very expensive. The patty alone contains a blend of 20g of Kobe Wagyu beef mince and 60g of New Zealand venison.

It is then topped with an extravagant poached Lobster tail, as well as fancy black truffle brie, maple syrup streaky bacon and super posh caviar!

But to really tot up the price of this feast, the burger contains a smoked duck egg and a cream mayo covered in edible gold leaf!

As for the finishing touches, the food extravaganza boasts mango and champagne jus, grated white truffle and a brioche covered in a Japanese green tea powder. Phew!

While we don't think we'll be tucking into one of these anytime soon, it certainly makes a change from our standard beef, cheddar and bacon combo.

We just really hope you get chips with it!

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