Gran stole £400k after getting terminal cancer - then gets all-clear

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A woman stole £400,000 when she was told she had terminal cancer... only to then be given the all-clear.

Despite the initial diagnosis, Shirley Player has now been declared healthy and faces four years in prison.

The 61-year-old was an account manager for Allen and Bath estate agents and started fiddling their books in 2007, when she was first diagnosed with cancer.

Pile of cash

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The gran from Bournemouth had lost both her own sisters to the disease a few years back and was convinced the same would happen to her. So she spent the stolen dosh on treats for her family, thinking she'd have passed away by the time she got caught out.

Shirley would edit the company's records to conceal her crime, but a company audit eventually revealed that she'd transferred a whopping £390,550 into her four personal bank accounts.

And by this point, she had responded to her treatment and was cancer-free.

As soon as she was arrested, she confessed to detectives and was even shocked by how much she'd taken, exclaiming: "That's an awful lot of money."

Brian Sharman defended Player at Bournemouth Crown Court and was quoted in the Daily Star saying: "She told me she had wanted to do something for her family as she was not going to be here much longer."

But Judge John Harrow sentenced the woman to prison, explaining: "In other respects you led a blameless life but I cannot lose sight of the fact you stole a huge amount of money over a period of seven years."

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