Four-year-old boy saves school from fire after spotting smoke

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One quick-thinking lad is set to win an award after saving his pupils from a fire during school.

Liam Mansell, four, made sure he immediately alerted his teacher when he spotted smoke in the kitchen area, telling his teacher: "Miss, Miss, I think the school is on fire."

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Luckily, his quick thinking resulted in the whole school being safely evacuated.

Liam is even going to win an award for his good work, which will make him the youngest ever winner of a fire service bravery award.

The little lad was in his first week of primary school in Gateshead, Newcastle, when he saw the fire after collecting his lunch box to go home.

After telling his teacher, Gemma Richardson, that he feared there was a fire, she quickly activated the alarm and got all 200 pupils evacuated.

The blaze had started when smoke from a laminating machine caught fire.

Gemma was quoted in The Mirror praising the tot: "He is an absolute star," she said. "He had only been here four days but that did not stop him coming over and telling me straight away."

Unsurprisingly his mum, Vicki Mansell, 36, is also impressed with her son's actions: "He's my little hero. I am so proud of him."

Dave Escott, the manager for Tyne and Wear's Fire and Rescue Service will present the award to loyal Liam. He added: "If it was not for the bravery and grown-up way he acted, the incident could have easily escalated."

What a cutie!

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