You had one job! Hilarious Twitter account showcases silly mistakes

Published Tuesday, Sep 23 2014, 19:00 BST  |  By  |  Add comment
Anyone can make a mistake now and again. But a new Twitter account has been set up to showcase the worst offenders in a series of hilarious blunders.

You Had One Job features photos of the funny fails that workers have made and gave us a right good chuckle.

Picture of giraffe next to penguin text from You Had One Job Twitter account.

© Twitter / @_youhadonejob

Standout snaps include an image of giraffes placed next to text about penguins and putting a Superman toy in Spiderman packaging.

Other bloopers were builders who had installed a slide that would send kids whizzing straight down into a road and a phone case of the Eiffel Tower with the caption "I heart London".

Slide facing the road from You Had One Job Twitter account

© Twitter / @_youhadonejob

There's also the hilarious hazard sticker on a plastic bag that read: "Keep this bag away from babies, children, pets and cheese" – who knew that cheese needed protecting?!

Hazard to protect bag against cheese, taken from You Had One Job Twitter account

© Twitter / @_youhadonejob

And finally, we loved the supermarket sticker on a banana, which seemed to have forgotten the fruit's name and simply called it "Long Yellow Things". Not the catchiest of names!

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