Brave people form a human tower in Barcelona!

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This isn't something you see every day - a tower made of people!

La Mercè Festival takes place by the city's town hall and is a five-day celebration held in honour of Marce de Deu de la Mercè – the Patron Saint of Barcelona.

Human tower at La Merce Festival, 21 September 2014

© Rex Features / ZUMA

And one of the highlights of the event is when spectators come together to watch a human tower be created.

The climbers, also known as castellers, work together to form the giant display.

And once built, it's traditional for a young child to climb to the very top – as you can see in this snap!

Although this brave kid is wearing a helmet, we still don't think this is a very safe idea. And we definitely wouldn't want to be at the bottom of it if it suddenly toppled over!

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