Accident-prone man lucky to be alive after fifth near-death experience

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This man is known amongst his pals for being 'a bit clumsy'. But after five close shaves with death, we think they should rename him "Good-luck Garrey"!

Garrey Aston, 44, was told he was lucky to be alive after falling off a cliff – but it wasn't his first close call.

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The accident-prone accounts boss tumbled down the concealed 100ft drop whilst on a stag do in Newquay. Knocked unconscious by the fall, he awoke four hours later to the sound of the tide lapping over his body.

This was Garrey's most recent calamity in a series of near brushes with death. His terrifying record includes getting hit by a car twice, breaking his neck during a work accident, and getting electrocuted by a high-voltage plug.

The Surrey dad-of-two even managed to clamber up a set of stairs to rejoin his friends at the Sunnyside Hotel, where they were staying.

He told the Daily Mail: "My first thought was simply 'blimey, I'm alive!' I was in total shock. I didn't feel any pain."

It has since been revealed that at least four people have died falling from the same spot – but Garrey got away with just a trapped nerve, as well as cuts and bruises.

Let's hope he doesn't push his luck!

by Francesca Specter

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