Classical singer fights church crime - mid-performance!

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We've all heard about singers stopping their performances for many reasons - but not to fight crime!

But this is exactly what Lucy Britner did when she saw two men trying to steal from the collection bowl.

Lucy Britner stopped criminals stealing cash donations during her singing performance

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Lucy was singing when she spotted the crime!

The 30-year-old soprano was half-way through a Mozart rendition in the Unitarian Church in Brighton, when she spotted the dishonest duo.

Because everyone else was facing her, Lucy was the only one to witness the would-be crime.

But she was determined the church wouldn't be robbed and so she leapt from the stage, shouting: "What are you doing?" before chasing down the aisle to recover the stolen £150 of donations.

The religious robbers fled the scene empty-handed and got away, despite over 70 congregation members, including one off-duty police officer, pursuing them.

However, despite the commotion, Lucy still managed to finish her performance.

The food and drink journalist told the Mail Online: "It was unnerving, but I had spent months practicing those songs and there was no way I wasn't going to carry on."

Well, they do say the show must go on!

By Francesca Specter

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