Goldfish recovering after undergoing brain surgery!

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One lucky goldfish in Australia is currently recovering from life-saving brain surgery – yes, really!

People will often fork out for their cats and dogs to have an op, but this is the first time we've heard of a fish getting treatment.

Brain tumour surgery on a goldfish, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia - 11 Sep 2014

© Rex Features / Debra Mayrhofer

Much-loved George went under the knife after acquiring a brain tumour that was affecting his eating and swimming.

Devoted owner, Pip Joyce, forked out $200 – around £125 – for the tumour to be removed after being told he'd die if not.

Dr Tristan Rich performed the 45-minute-long operation at Lort Smith Animal Hospital in Melbourne.

The 10-year-old pet was sedated in a bucket of water that contained anaesthetic and they also used a gelatin sponge to control bleeding.

Tristan was quoted in the Daily Mirror describing the surgery: "It's a very fiddly procedure and you have to be very careful about blood loss."

Pip said: "We love George. He's been great company and we've had some good laughs out of him."

Dr Rich believes George could live up to another 20 years – what a flipping good ending!

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