Something to sink your teeth into: the UK's biggest box of doughnuts!

Published Tuesday, Sep 16 2014, 19:00 BST  |  By  |  Add comment
Forget ordering a dozen of dougnuts, why not go for a double hundred dozen?

Krispy Kreme have launched the UK's biggest box of doughnuts and, as it contains a whopping 2,400 sugary treats, it's bound to keep even the sweetest tooth satisfied for a pretty long time!

UK's biggest box of Krispy Kremes

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Standing just under a metre tall and a massive three and a half metres long, it took eight staff to pack up the giant box.

The super-size selection was created to mark the retailer's new Occasions offering, where customers can place big orders for an event.

The team at Reveal are big doughnut fans but even we think getting through this lot would be a struggle – it's a worth a try though, right?!

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