Brits take 447 photos - including 6 of stray cats - on holiday!

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While we know we're all a bit selfie obsessed, even we were a bit shocked to learn that we take an average of 447 photos on holiday!

But it's true - when travel firm polled over 2,000 British adults, they admitted to going camera crazy abroad!

We take 447 pictures on holiday

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We take 447 pictures on holiday

Landscape shots make up 127 shots of our holiday albums and we also snap 45 selfies. Apparently we even include up to 6 photos of stray cats!

Two-thirds of us use a smartphone to take our photos, while only 42 per cent still use a regular camera.

Despite the hundreds of photos, less than half of them will make it on to social media and over three-quarters of us admitted we would never actually print our pics.

Managing director of Chris Clarkson told the Daily Mail: "I think it's really important to take holiday photos, because having those memories to look back on and share with friends and family is great."

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