Girl's scary zombie costume gave the coastguard a real fright

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One girl's scary costume was so good, she gave coastguards a real fright.

Tracy Morgan was attending a "Zombie Survival Weekend" on Sully Island in Glamorgan when she fell 15ft down a cliff and had to be saved by the coastguard.

Girl's costume was so realistic, she scared the coastguard

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When they arrived, they were horrified to discover what they thought were serious injuries, believing the 37-year-old's clever costume of torn and bloody skin was actually real.

They were so worried, they even alerted the hospital to have the plastic surgeon ready.

Thankfully, they soon realised their mistake and discovered that Tracy had a cracked rib and bruising - minor injuries compared to what they thought they were dealing with.

She was quoted in the Daily Mirror saying: "I was covered in blood and looked like something out of a horror movie. I'm just lucky I wasn't seriously injured, I could have easily become one of the undead."

Maybe we should all wait until Halloween to dress up to avoid any confusion...

By Sophie Dodgson

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