Brits are hungover for a huge 315 days over their lifetime!

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Many of us are familiar with that sickly stomach, pounding head after a night out on the tiles, but did you know that the average Brit will spend nearly a year of their life hungover?

Yep, that's right. Apparently we experience a huge 315 days enduring a sore head thanks to one too many glasses of wine.

The survey of 2,000 Brits over the age of 18 also found that the average person will experience a painfully long seven-hour hangover at least once a month!

Woman hungover

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And when it comes to genders, women's last a massive nine hours, while men's are a slightly shorter, seven – a good thing to remember when your other half perks up before you.

Meanwhile, those living in the north have more hangovers than boozers in the south – with one in five Northerners experiencing more than four thick heads a month, compared to one in seven Southerners.

While no one enjoys a hangover, many revealed the worst part was missing out on doing other things. A quarter said they'd have more sex if they weren't hanging, while other said they'd be exercising or even learning a language.

The study - which was carried out for Macmillan Cancer as part of their Go Sober for October challenge – also discovered that sufferers could miss out on important parts of life, as ten per cent admitted they'd skipped a job interview due to a heavy night.

What's more, one in 13 had missed a first date and a shocking six per cent even confessed to not attending a funeral.

Hannah Redmond, from Macmillan Cancer Support, said: "This research shows hangovers are a waste of time and are causing people to miss out on everything from romance to their dream job."

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