This is Britain's last little spiny seahorse - picture!

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Most seahorses find a partner for life, but sadly one of the crusty creatures has little chance of finding a mate…or even a friend.

Because Britain now only has one solitary seahorse left in the sea after all his mates have slowly died out. Poor little fella!

Britain's last little seahorse

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The endangered spiny seahorse was found at Studland Bay, Dorset, after an 80-hour survey - but sadly, he was the only one they came across.

The Seahorse Trust say numbers have dropped to virtually nothing as anchors of yachts and pleasure boats have destroyed the seahorses' habitats.

Conservationists are warning that unless critical action is taken to protect the seahorses' homes, they will soon be lost forever.

Dorset-based marine conservationist Steve Trewhella was quoted in the Mail Online saying: "We need to protect this site before it is too late."

We hope this little guy finds some friends soon!

By Lucy Jones

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