What is the sexiest man's name? Well, good news for Marks!

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If a man is either out on a hot date or spending his Friday nights home alone could all be down to his name!

Because, according to a new survey, a bloke's name can affect his chances of finding that lucky lady.

Mark is the sexiest man's name in 2014

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Mark is the sexiest man's name in 2014!

The poll, commissioned by WhatsYourPrice.com, came up with the top 10 sexiest men's names of 2014 - and the most seductive name this year is Mark. Well, with the way a certain Mr. Wright looks, we can't disagree!

This was closely followed by George and Harry - potentially after Mr Clooney and our favourite cheeky prince, we thinks? Not that his brother is far behind, as William comes fourth.

And we're also not surprised that Matthew McConaughey and David Beckham's first names also make the top ten, ranking at number seven and eight.

Brandon Wade, CEO and Founder of WhatsYourPrice.com, said: "Names such as George and William are synonymous with greatness and success."

Want to see if your man's name is in the top 10? Here's the full list –

1. Mark

2. George

3. Harry

4. William

5. Antonio

6. Andrew

7. Matthew

8. David

9. Richard

10. Christopher

By Lucy Jones

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