Man fakes his own kidnapping - so he can stay out with his mates!

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Sometimes it can be tempting to tell a little white lie to stay out with our friends for a bit longer - but one chap triggered a manhunt after he told his girlfriend he had been kidnapped!

The unnamed man was out for a few drinks with his friends on a Friday night but, when his poor partner called him to see where he was, she was startled when a different person answered it.

And things became even scarier when they told her that her 32-year-old boyfriend from Bolton wouldn't be allowed home until he paid off a £50 debt.

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The terrified woman quickly rang police and a huge search kicked off, with local houses being ransacked. Meanwhile, the fibbing fella was with his mates at a house party and had just wanted to stay out for longer!

It wasn't until a man was arrested on suspicion of kidnap that the truth came out. The man, who has also not been named, was later released after admitting that it was a "ruse" to keep his pal out for longer.

Police eventually tracked down the missing man at 1.30am on the Saturday and gave the bloke a fixed penalty notice for wasting police time, as well as a criminal conviction.

Detective Jo Clawson said to Sky News: "The man's girlfriend was absolutely beside herself with worry and genuinely concerned that he would come to harm."

We reckon someone has a lot of making up to do!

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