Woman's pizza order arrives half eaten by the staff!

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Everyone knows a takeaway doesn't last for long but you'd at least expect it to arrive at the door intact!

But one woman was shocked to find that by the time her order was delivered, it had already been half-eaten - by Domino's staff!

Karen Carman had treated her family to a £19.99 Domino's meat feast pizza and garlic bread after winning the bingo.

Half eaten pizza

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But when her teenage daughter opened the box of the fast food feast, she was stunned to find that the garlic bread had already been munched on, as well as half of the dip!

What's more, the box was covered in greasy fingerprints and the dip's lid was stuck to the cardboard. Yuck!

Furious Karen rang the Blackpool branch to complain and was informed that if staff are peckish, they are allowed to nibble the order waiting on the "hot rack" but they're meant to get replaced before going out.

Worse still, they offered to replace the garlic bread but not the pizza.

But office manager Karen was not happy with the offer, explaining to The Sun: "I said, 'I'm not eating that'. I felt the whole thing was contaminated."

After informing her council environmental health staff, a visit was made to the branch and they were told that staff and customer food should be kept separately.

Domino's said: "It greatly concerns us when any aspect of our service falls below expectations."

They've pledged to give Karen a full refund, £20 to get more pizzas and vouchers to be given to a charity of her choice.

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