Ssssurprise! Woman finds snake in boot of her new car!

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A woman got more than she bargained for when she bought a second-hand car - and found a snake in the boot!

Charlie Wise, 23, had just purchased the Volkswagen Golf when she discovered the slippery serpent curled up on a stack of towels.

Charlie Wise, found boa constrictor in her car boot

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Stock image of boa constrictor

The childminder from Thatcham, Berkshire, and her 25-year-old husband, Guy, initially thought the 3ft boa constrictor was fake - until it flickered its tongue!

The couple got such a shock, they slammed down the boot in fright - we don't blame them!

After calling the car's previous owner, they discovered it was his pet who had gone missing two months ago but he didn't want it back.

Thankfully, a reptile charity came to their rescue and collected the unharmed boa.

We're bet she's glad he's not squeezing in for a ride again!

By Samantha Masters

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