Are you a humble-bragger? Do you binge-watch?

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Are you guilty of humble-bragging? Or do you just go home and binge-watch, because YOLO?

Do you have any clue what we've just said? Because we're not 100 per cent sure ourselves!

Are you a binge-watcher? or a humblebragger?

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Are you a binge-watcher?

But these are just a few of the new words that have found their way into - most of which are connected to our modern lifestyles and habits.

Binge-watching refers to compulsively watching TV programmes, particularly whole series at a time.

And if you find yourself boasting online in a self-deprecating way, then you are, in fact, humble-bragging.

You may be more familiar with include the acronym for 'you only live once' – YOLO - and the less glamorous side-boob, both of which have also been added recently.

Crikey, we really have to learn to keep up!

By Georgina Monger

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