Kind couple have taken in 150 sloths into their own sanctuary

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There's certainly nothing lazy about this caring couple!

Judy and Luis Avey-Arroyo opened their own sloth sanctuary back in 1997 and since then, they've looked after over 500 of the cuties.

Sloth in a tree

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The animal-loving pair first had a bird sanctuary but sadly their Costa Rican home was destroyed in 1991 by an earthquake.

It was only when Judy found an abandoned sloth, that the couple decided to take the critter in.

Naming their fluffy friend Buttercup, they learned how to care for her with a little help from Central American zoos.

But as word got around, the pair were given more and more of the animals, which led to them opening the Aviarios Sloth Sanctuary.

Nowadays, they have a whopping 150 sloths living with them - and still take in poorly or abandoned ones.

But as baby sloths learn what to eat from their mothers, those who are raised by humans can never return to the wild.

It sounds like this kind couple have got their hands full - at least it's slow sloths they're looking after and not a speedier animal.

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