The most awkward social situations only Brits will understand...

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Us Brits have a very particular reputation with the rest of the world.

We never complain, we always apologise - even when we're not in the wrong - and we're always extremely polite.

Problems only us Brits would understand

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It feels wrong to stir tea with a tablespoon!

But our stiff upper lip can cause us as many problems as it averts, and no matter how much we attempt to "keep calm and carry on", there are many, many things that leave us confused, bemused or just plain livid.

Twitter Feed @SoVeryBritish has opened up the host of toe-cringingly awkward social situations that only us Brits will understand - and here are some of our favourites...

1. Not wishing to distract the cleaner but also not wanting to appear aloof and anti-social, so leaving the house until they are gone

2. Not quite catching someone's name, meaning you must avoid them for the rest of your life

3. Using a tablespoon to stir your tea and just feeling... wrong

4. Never being more apologetic than when being forced to tell someone they're sitting on a bit of your coat

5. Debating whether to open the bus window or just quietly succumb to heatstroke

6. Dealing with a queue jumper by ferociously staring at the back of their head

7. Waiting for permission to leave after paying for something with the exact change

8. Switching from 'kind regards' to 'regards' as a warning that you are dangerously close to losing your temper

9. The fear while getting on a train that someone will be sat in your reserved seat

10. Straining not to thank the waiter for every small item he clears, so you can deliver one big thanks at the end

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1 comment