Teens would rather go to uni than on a boozy holiday

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Would you believe it, geek is the new chic?

Times are changing! The youth of today are throwing away the booze and replacing it with books.

Mates and dates are no longer a priority; instead education is top of their bucket list.

Teenagers on holiday

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A recent study carried out by Cineworld to celebrate the release of the Inbetweeners 2 film, shows that a whopping 73 percent of under 21 year olds' ultimate goal is to get a job, compared to a measly 38 percent wanting to go on holiday with their mates. Who would have thought it?!

The teens of today are no longer planning their great escape to Malia, they are packing their bags and heading for university, with over half of under 21s attending, compared to only 24 percent of previous generations.

Along with this newfound freedom, teenagers have also discovered their hearts as 22 percent want to complete a charitable act before they reach the bold age of 21, compared to only 6 percent of their older peers.

Let's hope that our youth of today rub off on the next generation.

Lauren Sanderson

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