Friendly seal joins two friends and tries to surf!

Published Wednesday, Aug 6 2014, 19:00 BST  |  By  |  Add comment
It seems that swimming with his own kind isn't enough for this little seal, so it decided to join two surfers instead!

Matt Stanley and Andrew Flounder were hitting the waves in Amble, Northumberland, when the friendly seal attempted to join in with their fun.

Seal surfs with Matt Stanley and Andrew Flounders

© Matt Stanley

Andrew first noticed something was fishy when he felt something nudging his foot but, luckily, it was just the adventurous animal wanting to make friends.

Matt explained: "The look on his face was classic. He got such a fright because he didn't know what it was. Once we realised it was a seal, we relaxed a bit."

But instead of swimming away, the youngster decided to jump aboard and catch some waves with his new mates. And the trio even captured the moment with the ultimate selfie.

It seems like these three had a flipping good time together!

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