Fishermen catch a giant 4.5m long whale shark (and put it on car roof)

Published Tuesday, Aug 5 2014, 20:00 BST  |  By  |  Add comment
These fishermen couldn't avoid showing off their catch of the day as they brought home a 4.5ft whale shark - attached to the top of their car.

The local Chinese fishermen had headed out to sea on a small fishing boat, hoping to catch some small ribbon fish, when they landed their whopping catch.

Fishermen catch 4.5m long whale shark, Shishi, Fujian Province, China - 01 Aug 2014

© Rex Features / HAP/Quirky China News

Their huge find had bitten through their fishing nets and gobbled up all the fish they'd previously caught.

Fisherman Cai Chengzhu admitted that they weren't even aware of the whale shark until they yanked up the net: "We noticed a giant creature in the net and the creature had died."

It then took them over an hour to pull the heavy creature on to the boat and were snapped dragging the whale shark through local streets - we imagine onlookers were a bit taken back.

However, it wasn't good news for the group. Despite planning to sell the massive fish, local police declared the whale shark is a protected species and the fishermen could be arrested for its illegal capture and sale.

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