Pensioner finds snake inside her London home's toilet!

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It sounds like a scene from Anaconda or Snakes on a Plane - and it's certainly given us the sssss-hakes here at Reveal.

Because when pensioner Mary Curtis visited the loo, she discovered a 4ft Californian kingsnake curled up in her toilet bowl!

Mary Curtis, discovered snake in her toilet bowl

© Rex Features / Lewis Durham

Stock image of Californian King snake

Mary, from Croydon, London, reacted exactly the same way we would have done and ran out of her flat, desperate for help.

Thankfully her 34-year-old neighbour, Michael Eva, was home and came back to investigate her frightening find - only to discover the serpent had slithered into the bath!

After sealing up the bathroom door, the pair phoned the RSPCA, who identified the snake as a non-venomous Californian kingsnake, usually found in America or Mexico.

The ssss-cared 70-year-old later discovered that the snake had gone missing from a nearby flat four months previously.

Mary told The Sun: "It was terrifiying. It wasn't a snake I recognised and any snake I don't recognise, especially if it coming out of your toilet is deadly until proven otherwise.

"When I went to tell Michael about the snake, he asked me how many gins I'd had."

Michael said: "She looked like she'd seen a ghost. It freaked us all out."

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