Heroic donkey saves owner from burglar!

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A donkey was crowned an unlikely hero after it scared off an intruder at its home in Preston.

The would-be burglar attempted to break into Mary Beetham's home last month but was scared off by Jaffa's loud brays.

Mary Beetham, donkey Jaffa scared off would-be intruder

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Jaffa and Mary

Mary, 73, was asleep in bed when the theft was thwarted and was only woken by her distressed donkey.

She told the Sunday People: "I woke up to a terrible noise and realised it was Jaffa. I shot out of bed and saw someone running the drive, but my main concern was Jaffa. They can die from this sort of incident."

Thankfully the donkey, who had been fostered by the retired PE teacher just three months before, has now recovered and police called to the scene were suitably impressed by the animal's abilities in scaring off the thug.

Mary - who has kept donkeys for 17 years - has been rewarding Jaffa with extra carrots.

She said: "I'm convinced the intruders have met their match with Jaffa."

And although police are keeping an eye on the property, they doubt that the cowardly crook will return.

Who needs a burglar alarm, eh?

By Ilesha Patel

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