Man's missing watch turns up inside his pet dog!

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It's always frustrating when you spend ages trying to find something you've lost, but one man's missing watch turned up in a very unexpected place.

Because after Terry Morgan searched all over for his £500 timepiece, it turned up inside his pet pooch!

The pub landlord was unaware that his dog, Charlie, was feeling peckish and had swallowed the valuable piece of jewellery whole.

Man discovers mising watch swallowed by dog after alarm goes off in its stomach, Cockwood, Devon, Britain - 26 Jul 2014

© Rex Features / Mike Alsford

However his sneaky snack was soon discovered when the watch's alarm started ringing.

Terry, 66, told the Daily Mirror: "At first I thought he was lying on it. Only when I rolled him over did I realise it was inside him."

Charlie was rushed to the vet, where Terry was told that his mutt would have to endure a £1,000 op to get the watch out.

But the situation was soon resolved when the panicked canine caught sight of the needle.

Terry said: "When Charlie saw the anaesthetic needle, he howled with fright and coughed the watch up."

Devon-based Terry then had to fork out over £200 for the Newfoundland to have an X-ray to check nothing else was in his stomach.

A spokesperson for the St Davids Veterinary group in Exeter said: "It was the talk of the surgery."

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