We don't wear a fifth of our shoes!

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Let's face it, we've all bought a pair of killer heels that look amazing but are too painful to wear.

But just how many pairs of shoes are lying unworn in the bottom of your wardrobe? One, two?

Think again - it's probably more like five!

According to research carried out by footcare brand Compeed, the average British woman owns 25 pairs – but doesn't wear a fifth of them, because they are "too uncomfortable".

Woman with pile of shoes

© Rex Features / Design Pics Inc

So the typical lady will have five pairs of still-new shoes sitting in her wardrobe - worth an incredible £190!

That means there's a whopping £3.3 billion worth of forgotten footwear in homes up and down the country. It almost seems like a crime!

Despite this, we still spend a chunk of cash on shoes each year. Girls treat their selves to 17 new pairs annually and spend an average of £608. Ouch!

Shoe-lovers also admitted that they often endure blisters with their choice of footwear, while a whopping 93 per cent admit wearing high heels is painful.

Speaking about the finding, psychologist Emma Kenny told the Daily Mail: "Women buy high heels because they make them feel confident and sexy.

"Confidence makes us feel happy, full of direction and in control of our lives; so I makes sense that we invest in things which aid this feeling."

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