'Muck for luck' - woman wins lottery after bird poos on her!

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We've all heard the saying "muck for luck" but for one lady, the superstitious saying came true!

Jackie Beresford had previously been told by a psychic that her finances would soon improve but it wasn't until the 56-year-old was pooed on by a bird that she decided to play the lottery.

Jackie Beresford, won the lottery after bird pooed on her

© Rex Features / Alex Sudea

Do you believe in "muck for luck"?

And it was a good job she did - because after her daughter bought her weekly syndicate for her and her 14 colleagues at Tesco, they won an incredible £3.7m!

Jackie, from Plymouth, said: "The psychic told me my husband had one regret, that he had not left me in a better financial situation - but that he had a plan."

And just two weeks later, the bird struck.

"My daughter was at a christening when the seagull left its mark, so to speak. In my book, that's a sign of good luck to come - and it came true."

The 15 winners all received £245,996 each and although they are all keeping their jobs at Tesco, they are all cutting down on their shifts.

We bet they're flying high on happiness!

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