Woman is chased by 2,000 bees that escape from parcel!

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Most posties are scared of dogs when they're delivering their parcels and packages - but one woman was chased by a swarm of bees!

Carar Tyer said the angry swarm escaped from a parcel she was unknowingly carrying and started chasing her.

As the poor postwoman opened the side door of her van, the 39-year-old was met by a huge swarm of the buzzing insects.

Swarm of bees

© Rex Features / /L.Torstensson/IBL

Initially, she thought she'd parked her vehicle by a bee's nest, explaining to The Sun]: "It didn't dawn on me they were inside my van. I had no idea I was carrying a box of bees."

However, when she realised where they were coming from, Carar dropped the parcel on the floor.

"They went absolutely mental so I just ran. There were about 2,000 bees."

Luckily, locals from Yeovil, Somerset, heard her screams and called for a beekeeper who managed to recover most of the bees and place them back in the box.

Carar then delivered the insects safely to their intended address.

A spokesperson for Parcelforce confirmed that bees were accepted in the post, but added they "must be enclosed in packs constructed so as to prevent injury."

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