Man sets home on fire in attempt to kill spider!

Published Friday, Jul 18 2014, 18:00 BST  |  By  |  Add comment
Lots of us are afraid of spiders, but just how far would you go to get rid of one in your home?

While some of us may get our boyfriend to do the deed or employ a special bug trapper (yes, they do exist!), one man managed to nearly burn down his house in his attempts!

The chap explained to officials that he was attempting to kill the creepy crawly in his laundry room using spray paint and a lighter in his Seattle, USA, home.


© Rex Features / Martin Poole / Mood Board

But things quickly took a turn for the worse when a wall caught fire, resulting in flames spreading throughout the house.

Fire crew managed to quickly blitz the blaze, but in total, it's cost an eye-watering $60,000 (£35,000) worth of damage.

Speaking to the Daily Mirror, local resident Kaitlin Sharp said: "There were giant clouds of smoke pouring out of the windows."

The Red Cross is supporting the man while repairs are carried out on his home.

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